Tenant empowerment – A 360˚ approach.

At CREiQ, we’re well-versed in the language of landlords and complex CRE leases. That deep knowledge and expertise, accelerated by AI, and driven by automation and digitization, bring agility, insight, simplicity and savings to our clients.

We have been a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 and SME tenants – accounting and architectural firms, banks, consultants, government, non-profit and corporations; law firms, tech, telecom and transportation companies; tenants in media, pharma and healthcare; grocery, pharmacy and retail chains. And those in the energy sector, pharmacies, grocery and retail chains – for over 25 years as 360 Lease Strategies. As CREiQ, we accelerate that experience to bring our clients’ future forward.

We are transparent. We are independent. And we work only on behalf of the tenant.

Meet our team

CREiQ is the future-forward evolution of a long-established business, 360 Lease Strategies Inc. With significantly expanded
services and a rapidly expanding client base, the name made more sense than adding 2.0 to our name.

We founded CREiQ on the knowledge, skills and expertise amassed by Paul Wilson during his entrepreneurial escapades in finance and commercial real estate (and some fascinating side ventures) spanning 35-plus years. With the support of an experienced senior staff and a young, high-energy team of analysts, the company is helping commercial tenants far and wide to embrace the workflow and money-saving benefits of technology, digitization, digitalization and sound advice.


Paul Wilson CPA, CA
Founder, President

Paul Wilson CPA, CA
Founder, President

Known as one of North America’s leading experts in commercial real estate portfolio consulting, Paul’s journey began with senior positions at PwC and Olympia & York, followed by the launch of KP Financial, then Advisum, which became the Canadian market leader in complex lease management for a client base of corporate giants. In 2009, its sale prompted the launch of 360 Lease Strategies Inc., focusing solely on advising CRE tenants. CREiQ takes the journey to a whole new dimension.


Ariana Georgiev
Paralegal, RPA
Director, Lease Audit


Gladys Rahbe
MBA, Paralegal
Senior Lease Auditor

Ariana Georgiev Paralegal, RPA
Director, Lease Audit

Ariana’s extensive experience on both sides of the commercial landlord and tenant table, paralegal training and work for Canadian and multinational tenants spanning a broad range of industries make her perfect for guiding, educating and overseeing the lease audit team at tenant-only focused 360CREiQ. She is the primary auditor for the evaluation, resolution and recommendations for all lease audits. She deftly manages this role while holding clients’ hands through the nuanced process of understanding their leases, options and opportunities for savings and transforming their businesses.

Gladys Rahbe MBA, Paralegal
Senior Lease Auditor

Gladys’ big heart fronts a powerful mind that misses nothing. Known amongst multinational energy, engineering and construction, automobile, consumer, insurance and finance, after years as a tax partner at one of the world’s ‘big five’ audit firms, she followed her passion for law. She became a Licensed Paralegal, trading legal and accounting tax interpretation for the snarly legal provisions of corporate lease documents – and loves it. When Gladys is not off touring the Rockies, cycling, on the courts or teaching, her laser focus is finding savings for our clients and winning over CRE tenants.


Tasnim Khanbai
Lease Auditor


Michael Storey
Lease Auditor

Tasnim Khanbai
Lease Auditor

The ever-colourful Tas brings a global outlook and a wealth of experience to her role as a Lease Auditor with CREiQ. She has shone her keen eyes on landlords’ books, records and practices for some of the largest banks, crown corporations, and professional and retail giants. Travel, arts and crafts have honed her amazing people and communication skills and are a benefit in lease and landlord negotiations. She is also an organizational wonder, working with international clients and third-party suppliers to ensure seamless workflows and systems.

Michael Storey BComm
Lease Auditor

Our resident jock, the way he approaches his role as a Lease Auditor at
CREiQ reflects Michael’s love of sports – a team player all the way with
an eye on the clock and the scoreboard. He keeps track of all the detail
and the deadlines, keeping tenants’ end games and outcomes in sight. The
commercial real estate business is his passion, background and education
– Michael joined CREiQ straight out of university and has never looked
back. And his skills and upbeat personality continue to nurture solid
relationships with clients and staff.


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