6 Ways to Mitigate Risk Exposure to Your Operating Expenses

Capital expenditures on a commercial building can amount to millions of dollars. Normally, landlords can incur capital costs at any point in the lease and begin amortizing and recovery from tenants. This is a standard commercial real estate (CRE) Industry procedure. Usually, they are amortized over several years in accordance with GAAP, but this is […]

Duplicated Costs: Hidden Savings for CRE Tenants

Savvy commercial real estate (CRE) tenants recognize the importance of vigilant oversight in managing their lease agreements. One often overlooked but crucial aspect of lease management is identifying duplicated expenses – costs unknowingly paid twice. Lease audits can uncover these duplications for significant savings and are a valuable tool for tenants looking to optimize their […]

Your Commercial Real Estate Lease Transaction is Finalized. Now What?

You’ve Had a CRE Lease Transaction. Now What?

Part 1: The Power of Notifications Your lease transaction is finalized, your broker has moved on, and you’re on your own. Now what? It’s common practice to file your lease in a drawer until it comes up for renewal, but the reality is you need to manage it for its duration. Along with critical data […]

Benefits of Customized Automated Workflow for CRE Tenants

Benefits of Customized Automated Workflow for CRE Tenants

Manually inputting mundane, repetitive day-to-day business tasks is probably the biggest time and resource waste in your business and a killer for your productivity. It’s often mind-numbing and fertile ground for human error. Workflow automation lets you establish the rules and logic specific to your business, then sets tasks to run independently, freeing staff to […]

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