Benefits of Customized Automated Workflow for CRE Tenants

Benefits of Customized Automated Workflow for CRE Tenants

Manually inputting mundane, repetitive day-to-day business tasks is probably the biggest time and resource waste in your business and a killer for your productivity. It’s often mind-numbing and fertile ground for human error.

Workflow automation lets you establish the rules and logic specific to your business, then sets tasks to run independently, freeing staff to focus on work that matters to your bottom line. There is less paper, less paperwork, fewer errors, better communication and morale, and significant time and money savings. 

Go from idea to implementation across all systems and communication channels in days – not weeks or months. Build forms, create workflows, track processes, streamline approvals and finances, manage budgets, track sales and critical steps, ensure compliance and make better, more timely business decisions. 

Many businesses use workflow automation for marketing, sales, customer service, operations, HR and finance. More recently, a spate of generalized lease management automation software has hit the market, created primarily by tech and some real estate innovators. 

Managing commercial real estate portfolios across multiple locations involves multiple people in various locations with different priorities, juggling a myriad of tasks and accessing thousands of pages of complex documents with inconsistent language stored in a multitude of formats, from paper to digital, held in various places and ways. Juggling all that while adhering to regulatory requirements, ensuring that critical processes are not overlooked, and ensuring costs are compliant with the lease and the entire portfolio is professionally managed requires expertise beyond the confines of traditional CRE lease admin software. 

CREiQ professionals are accountants, auditors, analysts, techies and CRE experts with over 25 years of experience managing portfolios for multi-location tenants across multiple sectors in some of North America’s largest and most successful companies. Clients include government ministries, ‘Big Four’ accounting firms, national retail chains, law firms, energy and insurance companies, corporations, banks and many Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. Our digitization and workflow automation technologies simplify these complex processes, guarantee compliance, minimize the risk of missing crucial tasks, and help you better manage your commercial real estate portfolio.

Benefits of using CREIQ’s secure, customized automated workflow service include streamlined lease lifecycle management, automatic alerts and reminders, document management and compliance tracking, financial transaction automation, landlord/tenant documentation and communication, reporting and analytics, scalability and adaptability, and audit trails and documentation. 

More importantly, it is one piece of CREIQ’s end-to-end consulting services, tenant-powered for the entire lifecycle of your leases – and beyond.

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